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Phoebe Coco- My White Horse and I - Press Pack - Hi-res pictures downloadable via google drive 

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Phoebe Coco

‘My White Horse and I’ Debut album


Single Released:  27/11/2020

Label: Sharp Attack Records

Formats: Digital & Cassette tape


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‘My White Horse & I’ is the highly anticipated debut album from London based Phoebe Coco.  She is ‘Ready’! ‘I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, from the sun right down to the sea’. 


Through Phoebe’s luxuriating honeyed tones, undulating harmonies, dream pop rippling electronica and galloping piano we ride into the sunset of her magical world on the back of her white horse, Blue. 


From the sass, piano riff heavy, head nodding, driving groove of Look What the Cat Dragged In and Ready we follow her through the undulating arpeggiated synth bass, shakers, snapping Linn drum-machines into her more stripped back, airy, vocal bohemian folk roots of songs such as White Horse. 


Other tracks include flutes, melodica and harmonicas as well as rolling mesmeric Phillip Glass style delayed piano in Brick Wall, Different, and Strangeness.  


Sisterhood is strong on this record as the magic triangle is completed by her identical twin sisters Grace and Dorothy whose familial whirlpool of ‘blood harmonies’ feature throughout the album.


Her songs call to the wild creatures within us, escaping through the mythical freedom of the White Horse.  As we ‘ride down to the sea to be, with the only thing, that's freer than us freer than me’. The power of nature, forest and sea, freedom and passion, is cast over the record. 


Songs were born within the heat deep of the rich forests in Provence, in an artist's residency in Paris and amongst the urban forest of London. Many written on the piano at her mother's house, in a family where music making is a way of life, influenced by uncles playing with David Bowie, her mother in Hair the musical and appearing in Diana Ross’s music videos.  Others wrote cycling and singing through London’s streets. A natural storyteller, themes emerge of tales of love, friendship and escapism.


Influences range through colour and genre, from Phillip Glass’s piano to Air which we can hear in the dulcet vibraphones in songs Ready and Brick Wall,  to the dream pop of Beach House dream pop drum machines to Blondie-esque sing along choruses, to David Bowie in the raw expression.


Each song comes with an accompanying video shot by either DIY by Phoebe herself or video artists Meg Lavender (Polyester Magazine, Dream Wife), Alex F Webb and Buster Grey Yung using a mixture of handheld VHS video tape and 16 mm. We see Phoebe create Pina Bausch inspired dance pieces shot in ancient French ballrooms, in 19th Century French Chapels, on London dance floors, wild countryside spaces and dark dappled water with her twin siren sisters.


Her releases so far have achieved acknowledgement from BBC Radio 6, BBC Wales & BBC 2 Late Junction to Resonance FM and online stations such as Amazing Radio, Life Elsewhere and NTS while developing a following with writers from Rodeo Magazine, Dansen Beren, Keep Walking Music among those to write about the sound. 


Produced by Marc Makarov, Vanessa Anne Redd and Phoebe and mixed by multi Grammy Award winning Eduardo De Le Paz, and mastered by Kevin Tuffy.


Upcoming gigs include a show at the Amersham Arms on Dec 10th and a stripped back live stream show from Phoebe’s own piano, a live stream show with the horses from the stables and an album listening party on weekend of release.  


‘Phoebe Coco has just the thing’

Tom Robinson - BBC 6 Music


‘Rolling and dramatic and stirring’ 

 Adam Walton BBC Introducing  


‘Beautifully rich alto tones have a soulful edge’

Neil March - Trust The Doc - Exile FM


Nominated for  ‘Best Female Artist’

 Radio Wigwam Online Radio Awards


‘Long story short - I absolutely love it’ 

Charlie Ashcroft Amazing Radio

‘If you want some consistently beautiful, emotive, stunning heartfelt tracks with a sensational voice-  she has it all.  Stuart Clack Lewis Premium Blend Radio

My White Horse and I  - Cover Artwork
Phoebe Coco Press Shot 



From riding horses in the wild forests of Provence to singing into sleepless sunrises on London's streets  after nights dancing, Phoebe Coco can hear music wherever she goes writing songs while cycling, often performed for the first time at late night festivities.  


Phoebe Coco graduated in Music & Visual Arts from Brighton University, with alumni of composers; Bat For Lashes, Metronomy, Dream Wife.  She has since worked as songwriter and composer with experimental sound collective Breathing Space Collective, performing site specific pieces and scored soundtracks for Universal pictures, Vogue, and other films.  She has composed a series of vocal music for trees, recently played on BBC 4 Front Row by writer Robert Macfarlane and leads a vocal group who meet weekly to sing  in the branches of trees on Hampstead Heath.  Coming from a less conventional musical background as she experiments with sounds in her songs; vocals recorded on stairwells, and synth lines written on one of a kind finds at car boot sales, her dogs howl mixed in with a piano piece. 


Born in the Brecon Beacons, now rooted in London Phoebe Coco collabates and performs with artists of all genres in Londond’s thriving music scene, performing at nights such as  improvised ‘happening’ Krautrock Karaoke, performing songs alongside the likes of Dream Wife, Damo Suzuki, and Vanishing Twin.  Through this she met her drummer Thomas Broda who plays live drum SPD’s with her and her twin sisters in their live performances.


Phoebe enjoys other collaborations and has recently sung on modern jazz outfit Lydian Collective’s album ’Adventure’ reaching  top 10 in the iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Bandcamp Jazz charts and recently performed top line vocals on electronica releases with In Fields/Golden Bug, (hoga-nord-rekords). 

With both folk and electronic influences, Phoebe Coco captivates audiences with lyrical charm, from intimate settings of living rooms in Sofar Sounds, danceable music venues such as Sebright Arms, and Kings Head Members Club, to festivals such as Iceland Airwaves and Shambala.

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